Sunday, December 7, 2014

The need to revive rare fist form

We had our usual Taichi routines yesterday practising Sun traditional form, the basic exercises for inner energy cultivation and sword form. My teacher decided to wrap up the class with a 10 minute drill teaching us the Yang style fast form. If I am not wrong, this is a rare fist form which nearly faded away from the martial art world several years back.

My teacher mastered this form from master Lin Bo Yan, who was quite well known in Singapore, or least to Taichi practitioners. A few of his students have already mastered this form under his close supervision in the past but I guess it is a wise move to spread the teaching to a bigger group. Hopefully in the near future, some of these students can take over the baton and continue to impart the skills to our younger generation. I see the need to revive an art form like this before it is lost forever.

Continue with where I left about last night's exercises. I am quite fascinated with the way my teacher conducts his class. So light hearted and yet effective. We managed to pick up the first two forms last night. Looking forward to my next class...

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