Monday, December 8, 2014

Taichi for kids

Saw a young boy of age 10 performing Taichi routine using fan recently and was quite impressed. Have this wild thought it will be wonderful if Taichi can be introduced into those PE (physical exercises) classes in Singapore at lower primary level. Afterall, what beats taichi in terms of helping the kids to cope with stress coming from endless assignments, projects and examinations.
Hello Kitty doing Taichi
But there is this misconception throughout that Taichi is an exercise for the elderly, a bold initiative like this is likely to face with challenges in terms of implementation. Perhaps the use of licensed cartoon character like Hello Kitty to promote the martial art as being fun to learn and to teach on some of the principles. Think it is quite appropriate since the soft movements mimic those of cats. The mouthless character also symbolises stillness, to emphasise the importance of seeking stillness in motion and motion in stillness, a simple and yet key principle in Taichi practice.

Oops! My imagination is running wild again ...

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