Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sweating during Taichi practice

I used to think Taichi is an exercise that does not cause one to sweat since the movements tend to be so slow and graceful.

It is only when I started learning this interesting art form that I realise I was totally wrong. In fact, it is possible to sweat a great deal but having said so, the perspiration is quite different from those that you experience after a run under the hot sun or after a game of tennis. It is not sticky, just droplets that make you feel alive, make you energized.

Over the past two over years of practice, I have observed different parts of my body sweat at different point. During the first six months or so, sweating occurs in almost every part of the body, especially my arms, even under an air conditioned environment !

I am not too sure if it is related to tension that induced perspiration throughout the body but once I get to learn the choreographed forms, the sweat reduced gradually and now it seems to be localized sweating only at the back. I am not sure it is a sign of progress or not but the fact that it makes me feel rejuvenated and refreshed is what that matters now.

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