Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cultivating a detox lifestyle

Time flies. Just when I am about to get used to galloping in this wooden horse year, I am drawing so close to the end of 2014.

Reflecting on the past 11 months, the ride has been a rough one like roller coaster at work. Thankfully my regular practices have helped in terms of coping up with the stress and keeping me in a healthy form enough to maintain my past year's track record of one day MC throughout the year. Not too bad indeed.

Perhaps it is time for a renewed commitment into another year of detox lifestyle. This to me means a healthier lifestyle with proper mix of mind body exercises like Taichi and yoga coupled with balanced diet.

To be more specific, my goal is to learn Chen style traditional form by Chinese new year in 2015 and moving on to deepen my practice in this form by learning the self defence aspect of this form.

Todate, we have finished learning the sword form but unfortunately I am still not at all familiar with the moves yet due to lack of diligent practice at my end. Need to definitely put in more effort in this. Haven't been doing enough to declare myself as a good student as yet...

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