Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bye Bye Kreta Ayer, hello Toa Payoh

7th March 2015, a memorable day for me and presumably so for my group of Taichi friends as well because this is the day set to be the last day of practice at Kreta Ayer community centre.

My teacher Mr Kwek has been teaching there since 1967, a whopping 48 years imparting his skills to at least two generations of practitioners. I am sure it is an emotional moment for him bringing back good memories of the camaderie built with his students over these years. For most of the students in this group who picked up Taichi only in the recent two to three years, the friendship and bonding built is what we hold close to heart. A better phrase for this will be 'brotherhood and sisterhood'.

From next week onwards, our new venue will be at Toa Payoh East community centre. This round it will be an outdoor practice within the compound of the community centre. Though the new location will not be as accessible to most of us, it is amazing to have almost all making a decision to go along with the relocation and continue their weekly practices instead of dropping out or look for another Taichi instructor within vicinity.

Looking at it positively, the shift provides an opportunity to bring in a fresh breed of students from northern part of Singapore to join this big family. Taichi journey is lifelong, so is our friendship...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Outdoor Taichi ?

Our shifu Kwek Li Hwa announced to the class the current Kreta Ayer community centre we are at will be demolished around March this year and there is a need to look for a new venue to continue our weekly practice.

One of the options available is to carry out the classes at the HDB deck which is outdoor and yet sheltered, so you wouldn't have to pay too much attention to the weather. Outdoor practice also allows for the best harmonization with nature, which is the very essence of Taichi.

So at the end, it does not really matter. Once you are immersed into the practice, inner strength cultivation can be done anywhere. All you need is your intent to move the Chi to do the magic...