Saturday, June 14, 2014

Staying young at heart

I had a printed photograph of my taichi group pinned up at my workstation in office. My colleagues commented my 69 year old Shifu looked healthy at his age and so were his students :)

I guess that is the beauty of Tai Chi. Recent research from Taiwan shows that Taichi helps reinvigorates stem cells. We know that through the renewal process, many cells are replaced daily but this process slows down as one grows older.

The increase in CD34 stem cells boost cell renewal and how those cells are reproduced is determined by the quality and quantity of Qi flowing through your body. This indirectly prevents premature aging of your organs. When Qi flows freely throughout the body, you will feel more alive and connected.

No wonder there is always this child like quality that I see in most seasoned Tai Chi practitioners which I believe has kept them young at heart.

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