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Lim Bo Yan -- Yang Taiji Fast Form

Master Lin Bo Yan (1903-1990) was born on 18th. November 1903 in Dayang Village Longyan County Fujian Province. He married the 14-year-old Zhang Ruo Lan at the age of twenty. They have a son and two daughters. The son is named Lin Han Peng, born in 1930 in Wuhan. The elder daughter Yun-Yun settles down in Hongkong.

Master Lin Bo Yan was introverted, not sociable and was a person of few words. His only interest for whole life long was Wushu. So he chose teaching Wushu as his occupation for over sixty years.Learning Zi-Wu-Gun in Childhood. Master Lin learned and grasped the strong points of Nan Quan and Bei Quan and had both cream of inner and outer Gongfu.

During the study at Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Association School he had learned Wu-Style Xiaojia Taiji Quan from Xu Zhi Yi, the promising pupil of Wu Jia Quan, the venerable master of Wu-Style Taiji.

He had also learned Shaolin Tantui from the chieftrainer of Chin Woo Athletic Association Zhao Lian He, Tang Lang Quan from Luo Guang Yu, Yingzhao Gong from Chen Zi Zheng, Xingyi Quan from Geng Xia Guang, Yang-Style Dajia Taiji Quan from Dong Ying-Jie.

On the 1st. Guangxi Wushu Sport Meeting Master Lin presented his astonishing talent for Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan. In the three fight (Du-Ji) competitions he was among the best of the successful candidates.

Master Lin profited much from the eight years occupation in Hankou. He learned at first Wudang Jianfa from Wudang master Li Jing Lin. Then his best friend Pang Yi-Zhi introduced him to work as Wushu trainer in Guangxi, afterwards in Guangdong, where he saw with his own eyes the performance of Yang-Style Dajia Taiji Quan by venerable master Yang Cheng Fu.

Through the introduction of Pang he respectfully offered himself as master Dong Ying Jie's disciple in oder to learn Yang-Style Dajia Taiji Quan. Experts consider that Master Lin's attainments of Tanglang are as well as those of Taiji Quan. But the Quan-Yi (skills of Quan) of Neijia Quan and Waijia Quan are different, the Quan-Fa (methods of Quan) are distinct.

In 1952 because of the recommendation of Lin Lian Yu, the chairman of Malaysia Chinese Teachers Association, Master Lin assumed a position teaching Chinese at Zunkong Middle School in Kuala Lumpur and simultaneously had taught Guoshu at Sarawak Chin Woo Athletic Association for six years.

In 1957 he came back to Singapore and was invited by Zhongzheng Middle School as a Chinese teacher and held a concurrent job as Taiji Quan trainer at Nanyang University and Singapore University.

During that time he set up the Jiulong Tang Taiji Quan gymnastic class in Lin's ancestral hall in Guangdongming Road. In 1967 this class changed its name to Bo Yan Taiji Gymnastic Society. The former was a commercial organization and was named as "Xiao-Pai" by the professional persons. The latter was an amateur community and was named as "Da-Pai".

From "Xiao-Pai" developing to "Da-Pai" it spent 32 years. Master Lin had taught boxing for 66 years until he was 87 years old. He educated his pupils with beneficial influence, just like the wind and rain in spring. His pupils are spread all over the world.Taoist Qigong Assist

Master Lin lived an earnest life without unhealthy hobbies. His lifelong interest was teaching boxing. Besides he exercised Taoist Qigong as supplement. He held the Taoist inactivism in high esteem. So he spent his evening of life in quiet and happiness.

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