Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kok Seng Restaurant



於28日2月09年下午5:00, 我们与郭礼华老師将有一個聚餐会:地奌於国成酒楼。这聚餐提供一个学员们互动及交流的机会。

聚餐会的照片将被上载到这个博客以及Facebook 以供浏览和下载。
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请注意: Facebook的用户需要邀请“ ” 作为他们的朋友方可浏览照片和下载。
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假如您喜欢通过电子邮件接收照片或您有任何问题要问,请您提供您的电子邮件地址寄交 旣可。



To all Taiji enthusiastics @ Kreta Ayer C.C.,

There will be a gathering dinner (pay dutch,estimated @$30 per person) with our teacher Mr Kwek at Kok Seng Restaurant on 28 Feb 09 at 5pm. The gathering will provide an opportunity for all to interact with one another which otherwise will not be possible as we all are going home after the practice session every Saturday at 10pm.

There will be photos taking at the dinner. The photos will be uploaded to this Blog as well as the Facebook for viewing and downloading for hardcopy printing.
Please note that the Facebook contents and the albums are only accessible to Facebook users only. Users need to invite "" as their friend for this purpose. If you are not a Facebook user, you can register one and follow the above procedure.

Please also take note that the contents of the Facebook and Blog can not be identical due to different platform design. It is best to access both for completeness.
If you prefer the photos to be delivered via email. Please provide your email address to " ". I shall then send the JPegs to you. Tks.
Mr Kwek said the Taiji practice session will resume after the dinner...

Sorry folks, no break after the dinner.

The address of the restaurant is as shown below:

Its specialities:

The contact person:

By Lim H C

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